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Services and protection plans

We offer different basic plans for hot water or hot air heaters as well as some equipment related to your comfort, such as :

  • Furnaces
  • Kettles
  • Water heater
  • Heat pumps
  • Air conditioners

In addition, an efficiency test is INCLUDED in the majority of our protection plans, which we are the only ones to offer in the industry.

A comprehensive service plan gives you the peace of mind and assurance of a well-maintained system to get you full performance by :

  • An annual interview;
  • 24/7 emergency service;
  • Repair, maintenance and replacement of parts;
  • A team of qualified and experienced technicians at your service.

Budget Plan
Spread your payments evenly over 10 months (September to June with review in February).

Several government financial assistance programs can help you finance your renovations to replace certain heating and air conditioning equipment.

Some of these programs or resources include :


The following products are available for delivery and distribution:

  • Category 1 fuel oil (outdoor tank) resistant to temperatures of -40 degrees Celsius
  • Category 2 fuel oil (inner tank)
  • ThermaClean Fuel Oil: a new, cleaner home heating oil that produces less smoke and soot during combustion than regular fuel oils while extending the life of your tank.

Groupe Énergie BDL delivers on an automatic basis according to your consumption and weather conditions.


Advice from professionals in your home
Adding or replacing a heating or air conditioning unit depends on several factors. A Groupe Énergie BDL advisor will come to your home free of charge to determine your needs, examine your current installation and prepare a quote.

A quality installation
Our installation includes the following elements:

  • Professional installation and equipment maintenance
  • Turnkey installation (heaters, water heaters and air conditioning)
  • Installation according to industry standards and codes in force
  • Fast and efficient after-sales service at all times

At the time of submission, our specialists will advise you if additional work is required and can provide you with advice on this matter.


We are pleased to offer you a competitive financing rate for the majority of the equipment we sell.


Since 1980, Pompage Expert Montreal has been a leader in the field of residential petroleum product pumping. To empty an oil (heating oil) tank during a conversion of your heating system or during a tank change.

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